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    Forum Rules
    • Do reply to threads! We encourage activity within the forums!
    • Do post in the correct thread
    • Do title threads appropriately
    • Don't double post! Use the edit button to edit your previous post
    • Don't advertise! Advertising your server will lead to a heavy punishment
    • Don't post anything profane

    In-Game Rules
    These rules can also be viewed in game by using the command /rules
    Do's of HMC
    • Do ask staff for help!
    • Do treat others with respect!
    • Do be honest and be kind!
    • Do report any glitches to staff!
    • Do have fun!
    General Rules
    • Don't be rude! Keep your rude comments to yourself!
    • Don't argue with staff! We have a highly responsible staff team at HarvestMC who know what they're doing
    • Don't bypass any sort of punishment! Doing this will only extend your time!
    • Don't use hacked or modified clients! Only Administrator approved modifications are to be used!
    Chat Rules
    • Don't spam! Spamming is chat-flooding or excessive use of pointless characters! This includes nicknames!
    • Don't use inappropriate, profane or racially offensive language towards anyone
    • Don't use excessive capslock! Staff will determine how much is enough! Try to keep is 1 word per message
    • Don't advertise server names, IP addresses or websites!
    • Don't talk about politics or anything that is prone to cause arguments in chat! Use the /msg command
    Plot Rules
    • Don't add anyone you don't trust to your plot! Staff will not compensate for loss!
    • Don't speak another language besides English in public chat! Although, you're welcome to speak with friends in /msg in another language if you wish!
    • Don't create any sort of duplication machine!
    • Don't create any sort of machine that would create lag!
    • Don't abuse any glitches found! All glitched must be reported to staff IMMEDIATELY!

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