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    Hello Farmers, back again with an amazing update. Just kidding, just a small update ;)

    As many other servers have done in the past, and continue to do monthly, monthly voting rewards are coming to HarvestMC. For this update we will be awarding the top voters in each monthly cycle for their contributions. The rewards will be vouchers to the webstore for a creditable amount.
    • First Place Prize: $65.00 Voucher
    • Second Place Prize: $50.00 Voucher
    • Third Place Prize: $35.00 Voucher
    • Fourth Place Prize: $25.00 Voucher
    • Fifth Place Prize: $15.00 Voucher
    These vouchers will be redeemable at checkout on the webstore and valid on any purchases. If your purchases exceed the amount of the voucher, you must pay the difference, the voucher is also only good for only one check-out. (Multiple packages may be in the check-out but the code can only be used once.)
    As voting is new to HarvestMC, it's due time that we announce the rewards for each time you vote. You may vote once per day on each site for a total of four rewards. Each vote in-game will reward the following items:
    • [Large] Mysterious Shard x5 (In-Game Currency)
    • Random Mysterious Key [EACH VOTE WILL REWARD 1 KEY]
      • Rare Key 45.00% Chance per vote
      • Epic Key 32.00% Chance per vote
      • Legendary Key 20.00% Chance per vote
      • Mythical Key 3.00% Chance per vote
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  2. Mr_DagALkeef_B7

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    That's AMAZING. I've loved these updates. <3 :$
  3. Alexity__

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    If you spend $10 on the website and use the $25 voucher code, what happens? Do you not get to use the remaining $15?

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