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    Hello, Farmers! Welcome to the new forums of HarvestMC!

    | Server IP Change
    Please use the following ip address to connect to the server from now on:
    With our new forums comes a lot of updates. Below is a full list of what to expect from this forum update, and what will be housed on the forums in the future.


    • New Theme/Layout
    • News Section/Announcements
    • Ease of life for many features, and a new rating system
    What to Expect:
    • Active Changelog of events from the server.
    • Active forum moderators.
    • New application systems (Builder Apps too!)
    As we all progress through the difficulties of the new forum we hope you understand that things won't always go smoothly. We are excited to bring new content towards the front-line of the community and provide a more clear-cut and transparent process throughout. If you have any questions, feel free to open a forum post about it in the appropriate section.

    Please note:
    This update means that all data on the previous website has been removed. All accounts will need to be re-created and applications re-submitted.
    Appologies for any inconvenience.
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    Welcome to HarvestMC Forums. <3 :$

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