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Discussion in 'Server Announcements' started by BenguMC, Feb 1, 2017.

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    Holy cow, you all did amazing this past month! All in all we totaled just over 10,000 unique votes! I could not be more impressed by how well this community has come together and the immense reaches we have grown in just a month, I'm seriously amazed!

    With that being said, not everything went as smoothly as we had hoped it would. We realized early on in the month our system wasn't capturing the votes as we had intended it to and wouldn't provide the most accurate results as to who the top voters were. With that being said I've also been very ill and not on the computer during the past week or so - and I was unable to actually retrieve the data from the sites themselves.

    We're brand new to all of this and want voting to still be rewarding to the players willing to put in their time and energy towards our community, but we are unable to provide our top efforts this month. Below is a list of what happened, and what we plan to do to make things right for the top voters and what we will do in the future to prevent further issues.​

    While our system had not captured the top voters and recorded them correctly, we are unable to have a definitive answer as to who actually won by the exact amounts, but with the help of the community - we will find the correct winners and be giving out the prize amounts to the top five players nonetheless. We are aware of a few players on the list, but not entirely sure who composed the top five. Below if you could - we would appreciate your input on who you believe were in the top five voters of January. We would like to have an agreeable top 5 list by the 15th of this month so we can push these rewards out to the winners as soon as possible. (A few players we know were near the top of the top five are Trinity_Force and Mason_TryHards, leaving another three unclaimed.)
    In hopes of preventing similar altercations in the months that follow, we have now implemented a server-side counter of votes. (We were aware of the issue last month, midway through the month and decided not to implement the system then because of votes being miscounted.) Additionally, we will also now keep data of how many times each player has ever voted for the server, this may not be useful immediately but in the future we could hook into this feature and allow the player base to be granted certain features or benefits at multitudes of votes.
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  2. Trinity Force

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    From what I remember it was
    1. Trinity_Force (I was consistently 2 or 3 ahead of the next person)
    2. Mason_TryHards
    3. Primetimefarmer
    4. Davidkim22 (I think that's how his ign is spelled)
    5. (No idea who this one was)
  3. BenguMC

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    Exactly what I was looking for! Now we just need to come together as a community and decide who was the 5th.
  4. BenguMC

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    As we've waited till the 15th and haven't had the input required to sufficiently argue for a 5th voter, we will be going with @Trinity Force's list of voters for the rewards and skip the 5th winner for January. We have the correct data for February so far, and are looking forward to this being a much cleaner process in the future.

    The winners of the voting contest from last month will be contacted here on the forums with their prizes.
  5. Mason_TryHards

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    That's great news :D

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