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    Whether it be crafted by some God, extraterrestrial being, or the work of hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, the human brain is an amazing thing. While it is a powerhouse of information and controls our day-to-day functions, it is extremely delicate and manipulable. We live in a world ripe of mental disabilities and limitations, including illnesses like psychosis and depression, as well as things like addictions and dependencies that seem to alleviate any sense of control we have over our life.

    Knowing and accepting this, I am reaching out to all players on Harvest MC to receive 100% free (no gimmicks) help sessions from your neighborhood Helper: SquallyBox. I remember times not too long ago when a little motivation would have gone a long way. Since Minecraft is littered with people with depression and alcohol problems, I know my motivational and completely free help sessions will be greatly appreciated.

    My (free) sessions will mainly be held on the weekends, either on the server or in Discord, and will be open to anyone who wants to join. Private sessions are also available upon request, see contact information below to make an appointment, or just spill your heart out and I will read and respond when I can. You can talk about anything you want in either, whether it is something personal or just about your day, all information will be kept private in solo help sessions and it is asked that members of the group sessions respect the privacy of others as well.

    I (SquallyBox) will be leading the group sessions, simply to keep things moving. I hope, however, you will soon realize that we can all be leaders. Generally we will have open discussion, but if people desire I have some other things planned. We could do drawing sessions, play games like Cards Against Humanity or Uno, or even set up a book club (tell me what genre you guys want). The goal of all sessions is to help boost your motivation and help, in any and all ways possible, to have an optimistic outlook on life. Since I am NOT a professional social worker or psychologist, all services are completely free.

    Why should I join these help sessions?
    • If you want to or have recently quit addictive practices like smoking, drinking, drug use, etc. Even food can be addicting.
    • You want to have a more interactive experience on HarvestMC.
    • You want to start a book club.
    • You find yourself stressed or overworked and want to take a break.
    • You find yourself playing too much online and want to expose yourself more to the physical world.
    What if I don't need help? -

    Everyone says they don't need help, but you never know what life will throw your way. The private sessions are always there if you need them, and the purpose of the group sessions is to establish a community that is strong and supportive when others can't be. You don't have to need help to receive help.

    Contact Info -
    Discord - Squally #1018
    Minecraft IGN: SquallyBox

    ...just reply to this thread! Any suggestions, questions or comments are welcome here, or dm me on discord or in game.

    Help is on the way!

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    This is a really great idea, and by the way I love the introduction. It is true that many people on Minecraft have some social problems, or anxiety to the whole 9-yards; and of course most of the teen and child population now a days does have something. For you to reach out in this way is a really great act, and hopefully others will see it that way. I myself, like to let people just hang out or empty their hearts and problems to me; because in reality many people do not have others to talk to about things. It's never healthy to keep it locked inside, if you ever need help running the sessions or aid go ahead and hit me up. I love the idea and my best of wishes to you.

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