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  1. DragonWolfDream

    DragonWolfDream New Member

    Hey :) im pretty new here like from yesterday

    Just wanted to share the loves of my life and again tank hardbro because he is awesome

    They are guineapig the fat one is named Speedy and my new baby/skinny pig is name Minnnie (yeah like minnie mouse )

  2. Elfienspirix

    Elfienspirix New Member

    Glad to have you here at HarvestMC!
    And Hello to you Speedy and Minnie! <3
    They are adorable, and would love to pet one
  3. CalicoDragoness

    CalicoDragoness Server Staff Helper

    Welcome to Harvestcraft! If you need anything or have any questions, don't be afraid to message me or the other members of the staff :33 Also your guinea pigs are supurr cute! <3

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