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    August Puzzle.png

    Welcome to HarvestMC's August Event! This month is a brain stumper of a puzzle. Above is the puzzle in picture format.

    Talk freely amongst yourselves to try and figure it out. The solution we're looking for is a color name. This may require multiple steps to get to the solution! Don't get discouraged, hints will be dropped occasionally throughout the month to help guide you through the puzzle if you get stumped.

    Huge reward for the player or group of players that figure it out. We encourage working together for this event! Mini puzzles will be sprinkled throughout the month with rewards as well to keep your minds sharp. Good luck, and have fun!
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    The first hint has been released! A coded hint, because puzzles are supposed to be a challenge! If you would like to see it in person, visit "/p h LittleMissSarah"

    Some additional information:

    "Hint #1 : Think outside the box. Some puzzles require more steps than others. How does one break a code? All organic things rot - this means not only cheese, apples, bread and trees, but rocks and paper too!"

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    Hint #2 for the puzzle has been released! See below!

    -.-- = ..--- p ..... -..- { n .---- ..... < -..- < .---- ..... } * -.--.- -..- a .---- ..... -.--.- ^ ..--- a -.--.- -.-- n .---- ..... -.--.- ^ ..--- = ...-- ----- * -.--.- -..- n .---- ..... -.--.- ^ ..--- a -.--.- -.-- a .---- ..... -.--.- ^ ..--- = ...-- ----- * -..- = -.... ----- { n ...-- ..... < -.-- < n ..--- ----- } * -.--.- -.--.- -.-- a ...-- ----- -.--.- ^ ..--- d .---- ----- ^ ..--- -.--.- n -.--.- -.--.- -..- n -.... ----- -.--.- ^ ..--- d ...-- ^ ..--- -.--.- = .---- { n ..--- ..... < -.-- n ..... } * -.--.- -..- n -.... ----- -.--.- ^ ..--- a -.--.- -.-- a ..--- ----- -.--.- ^ ..--- = ...-- ..--- ----- * -.-- a ..--- ----- = -..- n -.... ----- { n ...-- ..--- p -.... ....- ----. < -.-- < n --... p ...-- ..... .---- }
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    Minecraft account: LittleMissSarah
    With the update to the new spawn, solving the puzzle is no longer possible, so the event is closed. Due to popular demand, I'll do a walkthrough on how it was intended to be solved. Many of you were really close!

    The first step was very obvious to many people: binary code. An "on" light was a 1, and an "off" light was a 0. Where many people got confused is the second step.

    Using the mini-hints, I let you know slyly
    "How does one break a code?" With a codebreaker of course! But what kind of codebreaker do you need?

    "All organic things rot - this means not only cheese, apples, bread and trees, but rocks and paper too!" A few figured out "rot" -> ROT code, but what number for the rotation? I let you guys know this one too by listing 6 things. I used ROTn6, and using a brute force ROT Cipher you could easily break the code.

    "Hexadecimal is a code, decimal is too, dont forget rgb, maybe start anew."
    This one was a multi-step hint as well. The base code I used was Morse code, with the scattered letters denoting a function (a=addition, d=division, n=negative, p=period). I couldn't use any formal breaks to show different sections, so I had to use * to denote a new equation. After breaking the code, you got this mess:
    y=2.5x {-15<x<15} * (x+15)^2+(y-15)^2=30 * (x-15)^2+(y+15)^2=30 * x=60 {-35<y<-20} * ((y+30)^2/10^2)-((x-60)^2/3^2)=1{-25<y<-5} * (x-60)^2+(y+20)^2=320 * y+20=x-60{-32.649<y<-7.351}

    Putting these equations into a graph would yield the second hint's solution:


    Use the percentage, exclude y.
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    Now for the actual puzzle's solution!

    First step is to take the given picture and pop that bad boy into any picture editor software. I personally used paint to make it, so even the basics will work. Each square has a code associated with it: RGB. This gives you three numbers to work with. (I acknowledge that you could've used a few different methods to do this, I didn't know when making it. As long as you got the correct final code, it worked.)

    This gave you a really long set of code, that when converted from RGB (or decimal) to text (In any code converter) would give you this: "From the original position to one of new follow the blocks tried and true. E2 S11 W5 S5 W1 S9 E13 S4 E2 S14 W1 S21 W7 S7 W6 S6 W4 S3 g S12 E20 S1 E7 N3 W2 S2 E1 S10 E26 N10 E6 N7 E4 N12 E3 S2 W2 N2 E7 N7 E9 N8 E3 S5 E13 S11 E5 S3 E11 S4 E16 N1 E3 N5"

    This gives you the next step. "From the original position" was intended to be spawn. Then you follow the block directions. So N3 would mean move 3 blocks north. (The random "g" in the code was a placeholder for almost halfway, where you should've been standing on a glowstone block at that time. It was to help orient people and let them have a place to start if they messed up later rather than having to do the entire thing again.)

    These directions would lead you to this block: X:538, Z:575. Here, we can use the second hint to help direct us. We needed to use this a an RGB percentage, excluding the Y coordinate. This gives us R 53%, G 85%, B 75%. Now you have a general color, but the puzzle required a name.

    This was the easiest last step: If you googled "colors," wikipedia has a handy dandy list of color names:–F

    You can order them by RGB%, and just scroll through the few pages until you hit the one that matched:
    Pearl Aqua.


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