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    Bug fixes have been implemented. Don't forget to use /bug if you ever come across a bug in the server!
    • MCMMO skill command /repair works again.
    • Can no longer gather netherwarts from the nether.
    • Magic parchments can not longer be turned into maps.
    • Word continuity fixed
      • /ar wording
      • bit.ly link on buy fixed
    • /pet hat fixed
    • /stack removed
    • Melons overall fixed
      • Now drop tokens
      • Do not auto replant when farming
      • No longer possible to get endless seeds
    • Rabbit foot endless speed fixed
    • Double kits bug fixed
    • /voteday fixed
    • Shard and Token upgrade glitch fixed
      • Can no longer upgrade tokens and shards with a full inventory
    • Duplication glitch fixed
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    God, I was long waiting for the /pet hat fix :D, It took a long time ;)

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