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  1. BlobbyGuy

    BlobbyGuy BloBloBloB Administrator

    • /Shards command added - Works the same as /token
    • Fixed Dailey rewards messages
    • Legendary tools now break and have durability
      • Don't worry, unbreaking still affects them
    • Treefeller now applies durability to your tools
    • Bug Fix - Magnets no longer work as leads
    • Daily votes
      • If you vote 4 times a day, your plot will be set to daytime for the rest of the day.

    I'm pretty sure that's it, I may have missed a thing or two. Expect edits if I forgot <3
  2. HeroHex

    HeroHex Member

    Minecraft account: HexedHero
    All sound amazing, especially /Shards! :) Thank you
  3. fride360

    fride360 Server Staff Moderator+

    The command to convert shards is /shard ;)

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